Whether it’s funding, sponsors, donations or more, creating an event can be a time-consuming and expensive responsibility. The SmartMonetizer module provides you with a wide range of tools to help handle all monetary aspects of an event. Specifically, SmartMonetizer provides the following functionality to help you monetize your event:

  • Sponsorships - help secure additional revenue for your event by utilizing this feature. Event organizers may place sponsor banners and names on prominent web and mobile pages throughout the event.
  • Donations - whether you’re a charity, cause-based group or other non-profit, you need to raise money. Our digital payments donations module provides this functionality and allows event participants to promote and track their pledges within the application.
  • Ticket Sales – take and process payments for all event-related ticket sales by using our digital payments module, and your audience can begin purchasing immediately.
  • Merchandise – provides event organizers with the ability to develop and manage online merchandise sales for all event participants and attendees.

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