Managing an event involving numerous people and tasks can be complicated. The SmartManager module allows you and your team to effectively plan, manage and participate in any event in real-time. SmartManager seamlessly integrates all the management technology needed into one, simple-to-use module, so you can get the most benefit and enjoyment from your event. Specific components of the SmartManager module include:

  • Task Management – solidify your pre-planning efforts with this feature by assigning tasks to all staff and participants using established roles. Monitor task acceptance and progress with your team throughout the event.
  • Interactive Map - remove the challenge of keeping a large audience informed of where they need to be and when to be there. Use our interactive map feature to make all of the event locations clear and easy to find for everyone involved.
  • Messaging – keep your staff and participants up-to-date with the last events news. Having the ability to share event alerts and real-time updates with your crowd allows everyone to stay connected and organized.
  • Schedule – provide a clear list of the event’s upcoming activities and promotions. Integrated with our mapping feature, your staff and participants will stay well informed on what’s planned and next up on the agenda.

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